Loading space organisation

A pickup is extremely practical and can be transformed into an individual companion in no time at all. Thanks to modern technology and high functionality, the various versions of Road Ranger accessories for the loading area guarantee easy handling and attractive design.

Cargo Slide

The Road Ranger sliding platform is the optimum combination of fast load access with simultaneous load securing, in accordance with EU directives and VDI specifications.
Up to 500 kg maximum load in driving position, with rear-heavy loading and full extension up to 250 kg. The sliding loading surface can be extended to 2/3 and has five safety catches with stop function to facilitate access to loads that are far from the rear. The platform is easy to operate even with the highest loads.
The Cargo Slide is made of a robust plywood panel on a plastic-coated metal frame with ball bearing mounted rollers. The standard railing enables safe lashing of the load in driving and transverse direction.

Other Road Ranger accessories such as rear protection grille, winch system for the loading area and load carriers can of course also be fitted.
In addition, there are almost endless possibilities for building individual system superstructures using system racks, special holders and the like for commercial and leisure use, which makes it easier to access loads that are remote from the rear.

Cable winch set for the loading area

The solid winch beam of the loading aid is mounted in the side rails of the business-hold system or universally screwed to the floor of the loading area.
The compact winch with cable remote control can be positioned variably. The maximum tractive force of 800 kg is reduced to 400 kg on the loading area.

Rear protective grille

The rear protective grille is made of stable powder-coated steel and protects the driver's cab from damage caused by cargo.

Dog guards

DogProtect, the animal safety in the pickup truck, is probably the most professional way to transport your dog (in accordance with StVO). The 3-piece box pallet made of black powder-coated steel is mounted in the Canopy and consists of an impact protection grille at the front, side rails and door element at the rear.
Bow and stern elements are flexibly adjustable. This means that the box length can be varied individually for every dog size and guarantees optimum safety.
The dog guard is only compatible with Road Ranger Canopies. Installation is very simple and quick.

Load carrier system

The Road Ranger load carrier system can be used either without or in combination with the Road Ranger Canopies type RH3 and RH4. In the case of installation with Canopy, the base cross-members on the canopy are connected to the two carriers inside the canopy using a specially developed installation kit. This increases the maximum roof load of the Canopies to 150 kg. This development is ideal for heavy loads in the commercial sector or when roof tents are used.

Business hold system and accessories

The multifunctional lashing system consisting of four robust aluminium rails guarantees the secure fastening of any type of load on the pickup loading area, with a maximum lateral tensile load of 300 to 400 kg.
The Business Hold System side rails are screwed into the side wall of the loading area. Accessories from the Road Ranger range, such as drive-on ramps or water canisters, can be mounted here just as easily and quickly.

However, the side rail system also forms the basis for a second loading level, which is designed with quick-mounting cross beams for transporting other loads such as boxes, ladders or bicycles. When mounted inside a Canopies, the loading space is halved at the height of the side flaps, allowing access to the load.
The wooden intermediate floor plate, a second Cargo Slide and much more can be individually mounted on the laterally adjustable loading platform cross member.

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